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Digital Channel Marketplace Operations Leader (CFF)

Szanghaj, Shanghai Shi - Sprawdź lokalizację eCommerce Pełny etat

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As one of the key members of the Digital Channels organization, the Digital Channel
Marketplace Operations Leader is tasked to provide the operational leadership and
execution around IKEA’s digital channels strategy on China’s digital marketplace channels and create seamless omni-channel shopping experience for our customers.

This role is responsible for the quality of operations and executions to ensure business growth is on target by handling the day to day business operations. Also responsible for the daily operation with external vendors.

Additionally, the responsibility of this role includes supporting channel operations
manager to oversee integration of relevant IT systems to support the business and cross functional collaboration across the China organization.


for CSC
• Monthly/Weekly follow up meeting with TP and IKEA CSC, to secure Tmall customer support with good quality and predefined KPIs.
• Responsible for big commercial campaign period such as D11/618, secure capacity in both TP and IKEA CSC sides.
• Constantly improve online customer experience, maintain DSR score above 4.9 by working with TP/Tmall/CFF/CSC/Selling/Digital and etc.
• Handle special cases related to Customer Support such as coupon can’t be redeemed, different pricing between channels.

for CFF
• Responsible for stock fulfilment of big commercial campaign period such as D11/618, including submit FC, communication with CFF, and review stock fulfilment rate.
• Responsible for stock reservation process for big commercial campaigns, including internal communication, planning, execution and follow up.
• Maintain Tmall virtual warehouse stock inventory system.
• Responsible for new initiatives such as CFB and Convenience ladder project.
• Handle special cases related to CFF such as IB over-weight order delivery fee calculation.

The mission of our team is to turn visitors into happy customers. We’re a diverse group of digital fanatics who work together to lead our business development and operations across digital channels to inspire people with the IKEA range wherever they are – on a bus, in the waiting room, at an IKEA store, at home on the sofa or in the bathtub.