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Safety & Security Specialist – Ingka Centres (Elnos)

Roncadelle, Lombardia - Sprawdź lokalizację Rozwój biznesu Pełny etat

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'- Technical degree or equivalent back ground
- Proven experience in the Safe and Security area;
- Pragmatic, analytical approach, ability to synthesize information
- Use of risk tools Collaborative approach
- Excellent communication skills
- Availability request for transfers to Tiare shopping center (Villesse, Gorizia)

- Crisis Management: Knowledge of about how to deal with disruptive and unexpected events by adapting change methods at pace to prevent business interruptions.

- Business risk management: Knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment.

- Security Planning: Knowledge of how to take into account safety and security measures when planning activates, events or likewise.

- Incident reporting system: Knowledge of accident and incident report tools and procedures in order to record unusual events to ensure correct- event occurrence and rules for liability issues.

- Data Privacy legislation: Knowledge about legislation regarding the regulation, storing and use of personal identifiable information and how this impact the various IKEA operating units.

- Local rules and regulations


To optimise the meeting place experience for the many people to drive visitation to the Meeting Places and IKEA. Deliver sustainable business growth for our Partners and Meeting Places utilizing visitation and positive customer experience. Achieve operational results and drive efficiency improvements. Enhance commercial performance, brand value and Sustainability performance of the Meeting Places. To protect the value of our meeting places by preventing damages to the structure, people and reputation of the company, to ensure that our places are safe for our employees, for customers and for all people in the centres.

- Ensure that all the preventive measures stated in the internal policy and local regulations are followed and implement further measures and systems relating to the prevention of crime, fire safety, natural hazards and safety in reconstruction areas.

- Supports the management team for safe and security aspects in all those activities that generate extraordinary store traffic (marketing event etc.)

- Coordinate outsourced security company of the MP and guarantee that they always provide a highquality standard of service, in relation to the aspects of safety, security and prevention.

- Plan and coordinate the annual training activities of all people in the centres, fire drills and all periodic safety testing activities.

- Responsible for the activities related to the Sec check and the periodic control activity in the commercial units and the training of the coworkers.

- Secure effective incident and crisis handling including registration, root cause analysis and loss estimation and the claim for insurance compensation.

- Responsible for accident reports, periodic reports to central risk function, perform audits, proposals and tactical initiatives.

- Maintain relations with all the public security organs of the community (police, fire brigade etc.).

- Lead and inspire a risk and compliance performance mind-set, promote a risk culture throughout the MP organization


Together with IKEA and other partners we co-create virtual and physical meeting places where the many can meet, find what they need, and connect with their communities and the world. That’s our business idea.

We have big plans for our future. We have just embarked on an exciting journey that will take us to revolutionise the traditional idea of shopping centre and transform it into meeting places.

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