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Business Developer for CAT Paper

Praga, Hlavní město Praha Rozwój biznesu Pełny etat

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Company description

IKEA Purchasing Services cooperates with furniture and home furnishing manufacturers in Europe and distributes it worldwide. Our task is to find and develop suppliers to produce furniture with perfect design and quality for as many people as possible. There are about 150 of us in Prague, a team made of over 20 nationalities.

Job description


At IKEA, we see things a little differently. We onboard our suppliers as partners with whom we create long-term relationships. We want them to grow with us, become more efficient and achieve lower prices.

  • You can have the confidence and freedom to do things your own way, including organizing your time. Your well-being is our priority. A variety of rewarding work awaits you, which you will be able to combine alongside your hobbies or family.
  • Use opportunities for learning and growth working with suppliers! You will be able to travel to look at various manufacturing companies, understand new and different technologies, people and cultures.
  • Everybody is seen as a talent. In regular informal talks with your manager you can explore your development and carrier opportunities. We will support you on the way by internal and external trainings. We embrace making mistakes and learning from them.


You will be an informal leader directing the steps and activities of a 3-member micro-team consisting of a Production Engineer, who takes care about production process and quality, and a Supply Planner, who handles logistics. Based on the analysis, you will draw up an action plan once a year to reduce production costs or develop better design for customers, all within the framework of sustainability and ethical business practices. You also can expect to:

  • Develop partnerships with suppliers – the micro-team regularly travels to the field in order to solve issues firsthand production from the ground up, and, provide suppliers with feedback and help with the implementation of action plans,
  • Create production calculations – you will look for price saving opportunities for existing products and demand the production of new ones, especially from existing suppliers,
  • Operation – regular communications with suppliers (emails, calls), management and team meetings, the project implementation and data entry.

Position is located in Prague.

Mirka has been working at IKEA for 3 years as a Business Developer and says about her work:

"I source products that IKEA sells to customers. During my work I have a chance to travel a lot and get to meet a lot of new people. We receive great benefits like the Multisport card, and healthy snacks available in the office. Many people envy my flexibility of time and place for work – under agreed conditions I receive unlimited home-office, time of arrival or departure from work. Of course, it requires responsible approach and good self-management, but it's priceless. "



Please read what you need for the role:

  • You are aware of economics and finance – understanding of a company financials like cash-flow, P&L, income statement etc., able to work with cost breakdown, the price is alpha and omega for us,
  • Passion for business and the end-goal, both will come in handy when negotiating with suppliers, you have to be strict but fair, solution-oriented person, concentrating energy on fixing all the normal business issues,
  • You will use the art of dealing with people, empathy and good communication skills, in coordinating your small micro-team and in dealing with suppliers and many other stakeholders in the IKEA supply chain,
  • Analytical skills that are necessary for working with numbers, when negotiating prices, or when setting priorities for your work, which is usually high paced and demanding.
  • An interest in production and discovering the latest technologies in home furnishing.

People within IKEA value a culture of humbleness and open-mindedness. We don't have a rigid hierarchy system and encourage everyone to talk to anyone, and we don't have a dress code. We are characterized by enjoying long discussions and a relaxed, natural order with a great deal of personal responsibility. We want people to proactive, engaged, internally motivated for results and eager to learn.

Thanks for reading this far. We believe that your value is greater and more important than how much your CV can withstand. So if you like the idea of ​​working at IKEA, write and let's meet you.

More Information

If you have questions regarding the recruitment process please contact If you have question about the position please contact