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Full Time

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IKEA values reflect your personal values, particularly cost-conciousness and simplicity.
You enjoy interacting with all store functions and networking with other IKEA stores and always strive to reach goals with a high level of energy and motivation.
And you have passion for IKEA products!

Your profile
Past experience in Retail.
Past experience and excitement to give the second life and commercial attractiveness for products that were damaged.
Experience of quality management.


Your job will be to manage the recovery and quality work in the warehouse location. To prevent unnecessary costs to assets and give products a second chance while keeping the bottom line profit and sustainability in mind, to work proactively across functions and together with Q-store to identify, investigate, report and follow up potential improvements regarding the quality associated with IKEA products.

In this role, you will be a part of the Recovery team, responsible for the warehouse recovery operations and you will:
• Secure sustainable ways of working throughout the whole recovery process.
• Contribute in the recovery and quality forums to enable knowledge and competence sharing.
• Use common working methods, processes and tools related in Recovery process.
• Be a speaking partner to ensure the prevention is focus in entire store.


In our team we make a virtue to cut waste and keep the quality while saving time and money. You could say that we increase operational excellence without sacrificing what IKEA customers want: a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at low prices. It’s a collaborative process of continuous improvement and an ongoing challenge to make the most of every single thing.


IKEA Ukraine is a part of IKEA South East Europe - an exciting and empowering region with great growth agenda in all countries - Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. IKEA South East Europe currently operates 4 stores and we will open 2 new ones in next 2 years.
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