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Deputy Centre Manager

Johor Bahru, Johor - Sprawdź lokalizację Rozwój biznesu Pełny etat

Opis stanowiska pracy

Company description

Our vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” is the reason why IKEA and our centres exists and why people choose and love to come to us. It is the driving force behind our success.

We believe home is the most important place in the world and by becoming “The leader in life at home” we will secure a strong brand position for IKEA and stimulate home furnishing interest on our markets. We want to be the “Preferred shopping centre destination” for retailers and business partners. For a successful future we must secure “Growth with long term profitability” and we will do this by a consistent focus within our four strategic cornerstones of Growth, People, Sustainability and Costs. 

Acting like a market leader in all our decision making and securing a “Market Leadership Mentality” in our organisation will drive us to reaching our vision.

Job description


•        Meeting business goals and results of the selected department.

•        Securing the needed resources are in place for selected department.

•        Activities within department/unit that meet goals in terms of quality, time plan, cost and income and for reporting deviations. Secure that all works are carried out according to Group Documents/Policies.

•        Planning, prioritizing, organizing and monitoring activities, tools and resources within the department/unit.

•        Actively communicating inspiring vision, business goals and issues of common interest to co-workers on a regular basis. Coaching, directing and empowering co-workers in order for them to reach agreed goals.

•        Supporting functional/group   tasks  on   recruitment/placements, on boarding/introduction, competence development/development talks, rewards programmes, working environment and co-worker survey actions.


Business plan

•        Producing yearly Shopping Centre Business Plan and budget and its compliance with overall strategy and goals.

•        Producing and providing ongoing follow-up on Shopping Centre operations.


•        Planning and executing the yearly marketing plan & budget in compliance with overall strategy and goals in agreement with marketing department.

•        Constantly renew and improve the Shopping Centre experiential aspects in creating a fantastic meeting place for the many people.

•        Support and develop customer service team in uplifting the services performance, competency and image of the Shopping Centre.

•        Develop and execute Media sales strategy: indoor and outdoor digital medias, advertising spaces, promo areas, commercial events, sponsorship packages and other advertising income.    

•        Monitor and analyse retail market and competition, visitation trends and customer profile.

Tenant management

•        Planning and executing the yearly lease plan budget with overall strategy and goals in agreement with Leasing department.

•        Tenant performance and centre sales analyse and evaluation.

•        Keeping, updating, supporting and monitoring leasing activities.

•        Additional income and casual leasing (temporary lease, pop-up stores, push carts and kiosks, vending machines, seasonal markets, bazars and fairs).

•        Supervision of Tenant coordination and centre fit-out projects  

Facility Management & Maintenance

•        Contracting suppliers for service/products in agreement with Facilities Management Manager.

•        Planning and executing preventative maintenance in agreement with Maintenance in order to uphold a high technical standard and meeting statutory requirements in Shopping Centre.

•        Supporting on ongoing maintenance and development in achieving good cost, performance, energy efficiency and necessary compliances.


•        Contracting suppliers for service/products in agreement with Operations Manager.

•        Supporting on ongoing operations and development in achieving good cost, performance and necessary compliances.

•        Responsible for health, safety and security compliance at Shopping Centre.

•        Ensuring Group Documents/Policies and local laws and regulations are met.

•        Register at the authorities (if applicable) as the Responsible person.

•        Planning and executing Safe Meeting Place requirements and initiatives in accordance to SOPs imposed by government and mall operational standards

Relations and Lobbying

•        Building up and maintaining good relations with Shopping Centre tenants, media (local spokesman), commercial partners (IKEA and MDCC), joint venture and local authorities.

•        Constant improvements in tenant and customer satisfaction including production and execution of approved action plans (with Operations, Marketing, Tenant Management, Leasing, Finance and HR).

•        Active contribution in driving VOICE, BA, CSI, TSI, Sec-Check and other business performance surveys and implementation together with respective functions.

Finance and Reporting

•        Periodical reporting according Group Documents/Policies.

•        Updating and Performing analysis on budget management including credit control and cost setting as well as securing statutory requirements.

•        Contract management and procurement

Project Development and Others

•        Propose improvements and participate in project work groups on the Shopping Centre to develop the business in various aspects.

•        On demand, participate in reference groups in project development and others tasks requested by the Senior Management from time to time.


• Masters and/or Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Business or other related fields.
• Project management experience.
• Possess at least ten years' experience in a managerial position, managing a shopping centre in the capacity of marketing, leasing or operations role. High comfort level working in a diverse environment.
• Possess good contacts and networking with local and international retailers and brand owners.
• Must have interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to liaise with and present to various channels across the business.
• Budgetary management skills with proven track record of budget management.
• Must be able to communicate and liaise effectively and diplomatically with a diverse group of people.

• Good understanding of the property and retail industry and an understanding of current and future markets, customers and performance.
• The ability to effectively lead and manage a team. Be an excellent team player and leader with a strong commercial drive.
• A strategic thinker with sound business acumen, result-oriented, self-motivated, confident, outgoing with initiative and able to work independently and under pressure.

More Information

Please apply by 19 October 2021.