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Camerano, Marche - Sprawdź lokalizację Zarządzanie utrzymaniem nieruchomości i infrastrukturą Pełny etat

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'- Know which services are included in the agreed Real Estate FM service scope
- Understand the main FM business processes (work order management for urgent, planned and reactive maintenance) on site level, as well as the position of FM within the IKEA business
- Basic technical understanding for most aspects (HVAC, electricity, plumbing, building automation, building structure, safety and security systems...) of a retail building and its connected equipment
- Understand the financial impact of your actions, and ask support/help if you are unsure about it
- User knowledge of working with MS office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project…) and CAFM systems
- Service minded and customer oriented
- Being a team player, always positive and solution driven. Strive to support and backup for team members whenever possible
- Get as much out of helping others achieve/develop as you would from your own results
- The will to increase your knowledge and skills, using this to benefit IKEA and grow personally ?
- Driven by simple, efficient and sustainable solutions
- Live and share the IKEA values and culture
- Be eager to support the growth of IKEA and sustained, long-term profitability
- Good written and verbal communication skills in local language, to secure good communication on safety and security topics at all times. Basic English written and spoken is a plus
- Good interpersonal, analytical, problem solving skills. Ability and willingness to share knowledge
- Be polite, open and respectful in communication with others to support the service minded approach in the FM teams
- Be able to deal with stressful situations (cfr. critical situations like fire detections, flooding, …) and able to work in a self-directed environment to resolve problems and to complete complex tasks within deadlines and financial constraints
- Act in a trustful and serene way with the information (cfr. safety and security systems) at your disposal
- Proven successful experience in a multi-service FM organization (or equivalent), preferably in high volume retail sector, is a plus
- Professional qualification or proven successful experience in FM services is a plus
- User knowledge of MS Office applications and Computer Aided Facility Management software systems
- Good level of English written and spoken will be appreciated


'-Deliver, on a day to day basis, the agreed and site-based FM services to ensure a sustainable, safe, clean and functional environment for co-workers, visitors and customers. FM services include both hard FM services as well as soft FM services (e.g. technical maintenance, CFF logistic equipment, Food equipment & services, Cleaning, Waste management, Pest control, Snow removal, Commercial equipment & services, Landscaping, Safety & Security Systems, IT related FM services as well as energy, Energy emissions and water management).
-Support the Site FM Manager in maintaining and servicing the building and site according to a common standard, to promote and protect the IKEA brand and to ensure IKEA’s position as the best home furnishing retailer in the local market.
-Deliver, on a day-to-day basis, the agreed site FM services by executing the FM routines (inspection, testing and maintenance, repairs, improvements as well as supervising of works executed by an external FM supplier) in line with Real Estate requirements as well as all applicable local regulations and IKEA Group mandatories.
-Contribute to FM projects on behalf of the Site FM Manager
-I agree and deliver assigned KPI’s for my role
-Use amongst other tools, the CAFM (Computer Aided FM) tool to:
A) View and update inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) activities that were issued, manage internal or stakeholder’s service requests for both supplier work as well as internal work. Record and report findings, risks or risk incidents related to these activities.
B) Support the Site FM Manager to create and maintain a register of assets, locations, suppliers, planned maintenance schedules, etc.
-Provide assistance to external FM service providers in line with their contract, allowing them to deliver the outsourced FM services. Report back on the service provider and his service quality to the Site FM Manager.
-Support the tendering process for new/potential FM service providers by assisting the service providers during site visits.
-Create an environment of trust by encouraging open, constructive, honest, two-way feedback with your team members and other colleagues.
-Take responsibility for your own development to reflect business needs as well as personal development needs. Contact your manager for support in improving your competencies.
-Promote the IKEA social and environmental commitment and work with your team members to understand how, together, you can contribute to sustainability.
-Consider always the financial impact of your actions/activities
-Assist in cost controlling by working in a lean, simple and cost-conscious way using/sharing good examples and encouraging colleagues to find more effective ways of working.


Purposes of this area: secure the delivery, on a day to day basis, of the agreed and site-based FM services to ensure a sustainable, safe, clean and functional environment for co-workers, visitors. Maintain and service the building and site according to a common standard in order to promote and protect the IKEA brand and to ensure IKEA’s position as the best home furnishing retailer in the local market.