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Project Leader Establishment

Bangalur, State of Karnataka - Sprawdź lokalizację Ekspansja Pełny etat

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• Experience of leading people and teams in large projects, retail business or similar operation.
• IKEA leadership and management tools and methods.
• Affinity to technical engineering and ability to read technical drawings.
• Procurement and negotiation know how incl. legal/ contractual aspects and claim management.
• Computer literacy including MS-Office applications, MS Project and Auto CAD.
• English language, written and verbal.
• Good management and leadership track record, a reputation as team player.
• Experience from work related to tactical and operational level with high degree of coordination need/ complexity.
• Experience of communication with all organisational levels, including decision makers on country level.
• Project management know-how and experience from commercial/store design retail projects.
• Good track record of leading people, building and leading teams in medium/large sized projects or retail business or similar operation.
• Integrity and the ability to establish relationships based on trust, open to feedback and possessing the desire to learn from others.


• Act as an ambassador of the project and secure the appropriate communication to and involvement of the different internal and external stakeholders. Overall responsible for the Project.
• Lead and coordinate the Real Estate Project Manager, the Construction Project Manager and the Expansion Project Manager and their teams, establish the organisation structures needed
for cooperation, communication and delivery of the project. Establish and execute a communication plan.
• Responsible that all project activities are compliant with IKEA standards and local laws and regulations.
• Responsible to maximise the expected project results by securing the project plan upon the specific project directive/brief, carrying out the project with focus to coordinate construction and retail and managing deviations.
• Identify, monitor, mitigate and control risks within the project scope, manage dependencies and interfaces within the project and between the project and the line organisation.
• Managing the cost, timing and quality aspects of the project.
• Overall responsibility for the investment and cost as defined in the Invest request, manage the procurement and financing of all installations, goods, services and disposition of resources.
• Manage the budget in the cost follow up tool, with support of the Project Controller PC and in close cooperation with the Expansion Project Manager EPM and the Construction Project Manager CPM.
• Responsible to ensure the proper handover to the line organisation.
• Secure on regular base and after project completion the project evaluation, aiming to secure that all necessary data and information is documented, evaluated, archived and provided for the next project.
• Report the project status to the Expansion Steering Group (ESG) on a regular base in a relevant and transparent way, including any significant risks/ deviations on time, cost or quality or other deviations to the intended project result.
• Member of the project management group (similar to steering group) to decide mitigation of any significant risks and deviations on time, budget and quality or other deviations to the agreed project plan.
• Secure an environment where the IKEA culture and values are a strong living reality.
• Ensure a safe working environment for co-workers and retail contractors on site.
• Secure that the Store Manager organises the preparation of the store organisation and the store operations including marketing measures.
• Contribute to the development and improvement of project management tools and methods related to retail establishment projects.
• Contribute to the implementation of the annual action plan of the function Property.


Growth is in our team DNA, we thrive on discovering new horizons, pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territory. With different backgrounds and perspectives, we work together to analyse new and existing markets to find opportunities to expand our business and bring the IKEA offer to even more of the many people around the world. IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad said: ‘Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future!’ We believe so too :)